Take surveys for real money

Do you know you can take surveys for real money?

Are you among those who would wish that they can just relax and take care of themselves while they are constantly making money online?

I know I want to be that person

But truth is, it is not as easy as people imagine it to be but the possibility of making money online is endless if you know what, where, how, and who you are looking for.

There are a lot of businesses that can pay you to work for them remotely and there are others that will only require just using your mobile phone and data and you make some buck.

This is not a promise that this technique will make you millions but you can take surveys for real money for your online purchase

Remember half a loaf is better than none.

In this post, I will be showing you how to make money by completing surveys online, completing offers such as testing new services, watching videos, or signing up for website and task.

Ysense is an online rewards website for those looking to earn extra money from all over the world. Here, people take surveys for real money

How ySense makes money

They partner with market researchers and others who depend on the power of consumers to make market decisions.

How do ysense works?

Ysense has surveys, offers and tasks which you can chose from

Simply visit ysense and sign up (ysense will not charge you) with an email. Make sure your survey profile is complete because this will give them a better idea of surveys that suit you and recommend the best for you.

Scroll through the surveys, offers, and tasks provided. Look for once you can deliver and go ahead with it.

Some of those tasks have some limitations and you must read the rules and take training sessions for a specific task to understand what is required of you.

This is because they want to ensure that task providers are getting the best quality task completers

They have a forum where you can get tips and tricks that can help you complete your surveys. You can also find payment proof as well.

Here is a review from someone who take surveys for real money and made $43.11 that’s N16,500 from ysense

ysense review

How to Cash out

When you click the cashout tap, you will find differend reward types, cash value, and cost.

Reward Types

The reward types mean that you can either choose egift which are Amazon GPB, Amazon IT, PayPal, Reward link Italy, or skrill, or you choose “others” which is not available at the time of this post.

Card Value

Each card has a different value that you must get to before you can cash out. For instance, Payoneer value starts at $52, which means that you must have at least $60 before you can cash out with Payoneer assuming you are using Payoneer.

survey payment

Here is another successful payment made by ysense. With ysense, you can make money and you are sure to receive your payments. You can join by signing up here

survey payment 1

Note that payment processing takes 5 to 7 days while for a new account, it may take up to 15 business days from the day the cash out was ordered.

For security reasons, people who are based in the USA and Canada will be required to have their postal address verified before they can receive payment.

Though payments are not that much, however, if you are consistent and take surveys for real money, you are likely to make close to $200 or more depending on how hardworking you are.

Ysense Addon

Ysense has an addon that alert you when there is surveys or task available for you even when you are not logged into your account.

If you really ready to take surveys for real money, you should install the add-on on your chrome so take you can constantly receive notification immediately there is available task.

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