Here are recommendations for best online tools

I’m sure by now, you must have tried some online tools for either managing, growing your business, or making your work more efficient. I am a digital marketer with over 5+ experience and I can categorically tell you that there are tools that are not only better than what you have right now but can also give you the best based on the goal you hope to achieve.

Allow me to recommend the best tools that can help you achieve your business goal whether you want to use it in branding your business, management, accounting, streaming, social media management, website visibility, etc.

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Best SEO Tools

Semrush: When it comes to optimizing a website for ranking, Semrush has over 40+ tools that can give you actionable recommendations and help you rank higher on google. Learn about the tool here

Best Social Media Tools

Social Rabbit: This tool automates all your social media platforms, gets followers for you, and makes it looks like human management. Learn more

Fiverr Social Media Services: Helps you get the best social media managers and content creators

Semrush: A 1 in 40+ tools for managing your social media platforms and ranking your website

Sprout Social: is among the best social media management tool available and was made to encourage relationships between businesses and individuals.

Crowdfire: A complete social media tool for curation, analytics, and social monitoring

Socialbee: For lead generation, content management, and collaboration

Best Hosting Providers

Bluehost: Host your website at $2.75 per month, and a free domain for the first year

WhoGoHost: Best Nigeria leading host provider at N500 per month

Best Webinar Software

Streamyard: A live streaming tool in your browser that you can use for broadcasting your brand, webinar, interview multiple guests, and live stream on all social media platforms at once. Learn how the tool works

Best Ebook Publishing Software

Designrr: Create ebooks, transform your blog post, podcast, videos, and PDF into an ebook and publish on Amazon in less than 2 minutes

Best eCommerce Store

Ecwid: Start selling your products across the website, social media, Amazon, eBay, Facebook marketplace, Instagram shoppable link from a single dashboard

Best E-Learning Sites

Udemy: The world’s largest selection of online courses. Find over 155,000 courses in different categories and start learning from the comfort of your home.

Shaw Academy: Get practical step by step process courses in over 100 courses with 1 month of free access

Best Mockup Site

Smartmockups: Find mockup products such as laptops, ipads, packing, prints, apparel, etc., to use to brand your business

Renderforest: Best online branding tool to create marketing videos, logos, graphics, mockups, and websites with minimal time and effort

Best Online Payment System

Payoneer: One of the best payment systems for receiving and sending payments online

Flutterwave: The easiest way to pay and receive payment from clients anywhere in the world especially Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, Kenya, USA, etc, and create a virtual master and visa card

Piggyvest: One of the best ways to save, and invest with a good return on investment

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