How to Get Paid to Lose Weight Online

How will you feel if you are paid to lose weight online?

A lot of overweight people who want to lose weight often give up on their goal because of the huge commitment required in order to lose excess weight.

Most people have tried different weight loss routines from exercise to the keto diet. While it worked for some, it is still difficult for others.

To think that keto diet requires a lot of money to achieve a weight loss goal because participant needs to be on a strict diet for a long while considering factors like age, metabolism, exercise level, current carb, protein, and fat intake.

On the off chance that you are out of money, it becomes challenging and devasting in light of the fact that the weight will start to return again with full power.

In other to achieve a weight loss goal, you need to discipline yourself which is normally more difficult than one might expect.

I often hear people who want to lose weight but never did says that if only something or someone like their spouse, family, friends, etc., propels them, they are sure to succeed.

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Aside from discipline, weight loss requires the motivation to succeed because accountability helps you reach your weight loss goal even when you don’t feel like it.

That why some weight loss trainers allow trainees to sign some agreement which gives the trainer the right to push a trainee towards reaching his/her goal whether he or she wants or not.

Most times, this sort of relationship goes awful as the trainee at some point feels irritated and may likely abandon their objective.

In any case, there are alternate methods of getting in shape that can be fun, fun as well as brings in the cash. What better method of getting motivation other than getting paid to lose weight online.

How to get paid to Lose Weight Online

HealthyWage is an organization established in 2009 that pays you when you accomplish your weight loss objective. They use monetary rewards as an incentive to make weight reduction and wellness more fun and feasible.

HealthyWage uses creative approaches to measurably affect the developing weight scourge and help individuals get moving

But there is a catch to that.

You make a personalized wager (amount and duration) on your weight loss goal and when you achieve the goal, you can win a prize of up to $10,000.

Here is how it works

  1. Calculate your prize

Use the calculator on the site and enter your weight goal and calculate how much you want to win.

  • Make your bet

Increase your winnings by changing your goal weight, the amount you contribute, and the time you anticipate that it should take! Find a prize you like and make your bet!

  • Lose the weight

Stay on track all through the challenge with week by week weigh-ins and support from other competitors.

  • Win money

Meet your goal and win your prize! It’s that simple!

You can go through the Frequent Asked Question to learn more about how to achieve a weight loss goal and benefit from it too.

There are up to 10 different types of challenges that you can join at once or even start your own challenge. Some are:

  1. Team of five challenge
  2. Individual weight loss bet
  3. Jackpot challenges
  4. Step challenges
  5. Corporate & Brand challenge
  6. Others

A lot of people have actually gotten paid to lose weight online through this platform.

Here are testimonies and before and after photos of people getting paid to lose weight online.

loss weight and make money 2
Click to learn more:  VALERIE A. LOST 45.0 LBS, WON $1,000!
loss weight and make money 2
Click to learn more:  ANASTASIA W. LOST 41.0 LBS, WON $10,000!
loss weight and make money 3
Click to learn more: BLAKE S. LOST 151.0 LBS, WON $4,670!

Read more weight loss testimonies from HealthyWage

HealthyWage has been featured in a lot of press coverage such as NPR, today, Good Morning America, Fox News, ABC, etc.

Good Morning America recently featured HealthyWage

With a company like HealthyWage, you have no reason not to achieve your weight loss goal.

All you need to do is register with HealthyWage, place a wager, follow through with the challenge while keeping in mind the end game which is getting paid to lose weight online.

Get started right now.

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