How to Win Money Online

So, there are a lot of ways to make and win money online. Though you have to be very careful as there are a lot of scammers too as well.

However, there are websites that will pay you real money based on the task you have performed.

Making money online could be in form of getting paid for performing a task as a search engine evaluator, taking surveys, wining money like getting paid to lose weight, or win money by turning your hobby a reality.

In this post, I will show you a website that you can literally win money online and all you have to do is create what you love, like a hobby.

Instructable is a website where people post DIY interesting projects with the step by step process on how it can be done with images, videos, and PDF download.

There are a lot of projects in different categories such as circuits, workshops, crafts, cooking, living, outside, and teachers.

Find below projects you can create in each categories.

Circuits category project featured in Apple, Arduino, Art, Assistive Tech, Audio, Cameras, Clocks, Computers, Electronics, Gadgets, Lasers, LEDs, Linux, Microcontrollers, Microsoft, Mobile, Raspberry Pi, Remote Control, Reuse, Robots, Sensors, Software, Soldering, Speakers, Tools, USB, Wearables, Websites and Wireless.

Workshop categories projects are in 3D Printing, Cars, CNC, Electric Vehicles, Energy, Furniture, Home Improvement, Home Theater, Hydroponics, Knives, Laser Cutting, Lighting, Metalworking, Molds & Casting, Motorcycles, Organizing, Pallets, Repair, Science, Shelves, Solar, Tools, Woodworking, Workbenches.

Craft categories project featured in Art, Book & Journals, Cardboard, Cards, Clay, Leather, Costumes & Cosplay, Digital Graphics, Duct Tape, Embroidery, Fashion, Felt, Fiber Arts, Gift Wrapping, Jewelry, Knitting & Crochet, No-Sew, Paper, Parties & Weddings, Mason Jars, Photography, Printmaking, Reuse, Sewing, Soapmaking, Wallets.

Cooking categories project featured in Bacon, BBQ & Grilling, Beverages, Bread, Breakfast, Cake, Candy, Salad, Canning & Preserving, Cocktails & Mocktails, Sandwiches, Coffee, Cookies, Soup & Stews, Cupcakes, Dessert, Homebrew, Main Course, Pasta, Pie, Pizza, Snacks & Appetizers, Vegetarian & Vegan.

Living categories project featured in Beauty, Christmas, Cleaning, Decorating, Education, Gardening, Halloween, Health, Hiding Places, Travel, Holidays, Homesteading, Pest Control, Kids, Kitchen, LEGO & K’NEX, Pranks, Life Hacks, Music, Office Supply Hacks, Organizing, Pets, Relationships, Toys & Games, Video Games, Tricks & Humor.

Outside categories project featured in Backyard, Beach, Bikes, Birding, Boats, Camping, Climbing, Fire, Fishing, Hunting, Kites, Knots, Launchers, Paracord, Rockets, Siege Engines, Skateboarding, Snow, Sports, Survival, Water

Teacher for grade K-2, 3-5, 6-8, 9-12, University + project in the following subject ELA, Math, Science, Social studies, engineering, coding, electronics, robotics, Arduino, CNC, Laser cutting, 3D Printing, 3D Design, Art, Music, Theatre, Wood Shop, Metal Shop, Resource

Any of the projects created can be featured in a contest where you are likely to win money.

We’ve run 1,007 contest with 16,661 winners to date.


Here is an example of one of contest below

one pot contest

Another advantage of participating in the contest is the opportunity to boost and create awareness for your online platforms.

If your project is on YouTube for instance or you are an affiliate marketer, you can share links to the project on instructable. You can also share your social media profile as well

Here are the steps to Win Money Online

Step 1: Sign up with instructable through either Facebook, twitter, google, Autodesk or fill the form directly

Step 2: You can create an instructable that is in line with the contest description and make sure it’s within the date of the contest

Step 3: When you are about to publish your project, you can pick the contest you want to participate in

Step 4: Entries will be accepted by instructables staff within one business day from Monday to Friday

Step 5: Members of Instructables will be required to vote for any entry they like during the contest and also voting continues 3 days after the contest

Step 6: Instructables judges and respected members of the community rate the finalist and pick the winner based on the average rating

Step 7: Once a winner is picked, everyone who participated will be notified in their email, and the contest page

Here is where it gets interesting.

In other to win money online, you don’t just post-project you have created, you can join the contest by submitting your projects to the right categories while people vote for the best project.

The prices are from monetary form to physical product which the skills require.

For instance, here are some types of prizes people have won

Prize Items

  1. Amazon gift card $50, $100, $250 $500 $1000
  2. Laptop
  3. Ipad
  4. iPhone
  5. 3D Printer
  6. Leatherman surge
  7. A Kitchenaid 4.5 quart classic stand mixer
  8. A Cuisinart ice cream maker
  9. A brownie edge pan set
  10. Canon EOS M6 ER-M 15-45mm IS STM Kit Black
  11. A shapeoko 3 CNC Machine
  12. A Dremel Craft and Hobby Maker + Project kit
  13. A Dewalt Scroll Saw
  14. A Bosch Jigsaw
  15. Food Processor
  16. Kitchen Scale
  17. And lot more

Image Prize


However, as of recent and probably due to the COVID 19 pandemic, they no longer feature any physical products as a prize as you can see on the contest page instead, they use amazon gift cards of different amounts as the prize for the winner.

The winner process is also quite interesting as they tend to choose 19 winners in every category. This is how the prices are shared among the winners

1 Grand prize winner

3 first prize winner

5 second prize winner

10 runners up winner

This means that the 1 Grand prize winner receives the biggest gift, follower by 3 first prize winners,s and so on and so forth.

In conclusion, this website helps you develop your interest so well and also an avenue where you can learn anything for free.

I learned how to create an easy backdrop stand from a project at instructable website.

If you have an amazing idea or project, you can share it in instructable for a chance to win money online and gain more exposure.

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