How to Setup a Successful Dropshipping Business in Nigeria

When it comes to setting up a dropshipping business in Nigeria, a lot of people are skeptical about it and wonder if they can be successful in the business.

Well, dropshipping business in Nigeria can be really successful from day 1 if you know what you are doing and follow the right strategy which I will be showing you here.

Before I go into the drosphipping business strategy, lets look at what dropshipping business is all about.

What is a Dropshipping Business?

A dropshipping business is a business model where a business store owner sells products to the final consumer without stocking or having an inventory of the products.

How it works is that you list products on your website which you don’t have the physical product, add up your markup price, and when a buyer orders a product, you transfer the orders to your product supplier who will eventually ship the order to the buyer. That way, you make a profit without selling a physical product.

Why Dropshipping Business

Dropshipping business model is a business that you can start with little or no capital and can be run from the comfort of your home. Why because:

  • Quick to Start: You can decide to start a dropshipping business while working full time and it will be up and running within a week. This is because dropshipping does not require any difficulty or technical skill from the owner to start.
  • Low-Cost startup: To start a dropshipping business, you require just a little amount of money to start. You will need to purchase or set up a dropshipping website, a dropshipping plugin, and marketing which is usually not expensive.
  • Easy to Run: The dropshipping business can be run from anywhere at any time. There is also software that can help you run the business automatically while you relax and be receiving alerts on your bank account.

How to Start a Dropshipping Business in Nigeria

Research your niche

Before venturing into dropshipping business in Nigeria, you must first of all research the niche that has the potential to be successful and profitable. Researching a profitable niche means that you visit popular online marketplace like Amazon, Aliexpress, eBay, Jumia, Etsy, etc., to find popular or in-demand products you will want to list and sell on your website.

You can start by researching best-selling products, top sellers, deals, trendy and different categories available for particular product niche.

You might want to use Google Trends to understand how the product searches are trending over a period of time. This is to help you understand if it is seasonal products, a product that is no longer popular in the market, or products that is new.

Do not forget to research your competition. If there is a lot of competition in a particular niche you like, you might want to try another product niche.

Setup a Dropshipping website

Before you consider building a dropshipping business and setting up an online store, you must first decides on your business name and if you will be using it as your url.

It is recommended that you use a keyword related to the products you want to sell to set up your business name. This is because it will help your business get found online easily when someone type the keywords.

The business name should also be used as the site URL for SEO purposes and you need to make sure that the said name is available for purchase.

Whogohost and Bluehost are two of my favorite website hosting providers. Whogohost is a Nigerian-owned web hosting company, while Bluehost is an international hosting company, both dedicated to giving you maximum satisfaction. You can use either of them to purchase your domain name and hosting plan.

The next thing to do after you have purchase a domain name and hosting is to setup a website.

Dropshipping businesses in Nigeria cannot be run without a website. A website will be used to display the products to your customers and through the website, you can fulfill customer’s orders and automatically send orders to your supplier who will easily ship the products to your buyer.

Dropshipping site is not just an eCommerce store, but a store that has been successfully optimized for dropshipping business in Nigeria and other parts of the world.

Premium Dropshipping store is a niched, tested dropshipping store that has proven to made sales over the years. The exact optimized copy of the site will be replicated for you to set up and get it running immediately.

premium store

When you purchase a Premium Dropshipping store, you will get:

  • The exact copy of the converting store
  • Design that guarantees conversion
  • Mobile optimized, page speed and SEO optimized website
  • A selection of high ready to sell products from aliexpress
  • Product pages with quality images, descriptions and customer reviews
  • Product imported from best aliexpress suppliers
  • Alidropship plugin to automate order fulfillment
  • Free lifelong support from Alidropship team

With this advantage above, you don’t need to worry whether your dropshipping business in Nigeria will be successful or not, because the premium store has all it takes to make it successful.

When you purchase the premium store, you will be given a special bonus video on how to run and promote your dropshipping store

Setup Alidropship Plugin

alidropship plugin

Alidropship plugin can help you to easily start and run your dropshipping business in Nigeria. It will help you to add products to your store automatically while specifying categories, keywords, purchase volumes, and other options.

This plugin automatically updates the product’s price, variation, and inventory. This means that whenever there is a change in price, variation, and inventory from the supplier’s site, your store automatically adjusts to the new change without you doing anything.

With this all in one solution plugin, you can manage your product pricing, sales, profit, traffic stats and orders from one control panel.

With the dropshipping addon, you can easily import product from aliexpress with one click and it has an advanced pricing markup formula you can use to apply your product pricing.

With this plugin, you can fulfill orders automatically from your store to your supplier with just a click, and the supplier will ship the products to your buyer while you sit, relax and make profit.

Promote your dropshipping business in Nigeria

After your store has been set up and already running, the next thing to do is to promote your dropshipping store on different platforms online.

You can create social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, youtube, and LinkedIn and promote your store there to reach more audience

Alternatively, you can purchase Social Rabbit plugin; A social media management and marketing autopilot tool.

Social Rabbit

With the social rabbit plugin, you can use it to automate your social media content posting and make them look like you are manually managing your social media accounts.

Benefits of Social Rabbit

  • It will lead to instant growth and sales of your products
  • You can easily generate quality traffic from social media
  • The plugin helps in indexing your site so that Google will rank your website
  • With this plugin, you can fire your social media team because this plugin will manage your account 24/7

Learn more about what the Social Rabbit plugin can do and how it can help you grow your social media account automatically.

Facebook Advertising

Another way to promote your dropshipping business is to setup a paid ads on Facebook.

With strategic paid ads, you can laser target your audience based on interest, behavior, age, location, gender, etc. These ads will make sure that your product reaches the right people you want to target regardless of which country, gender, interest, or behavior.

Aside from that, Facebook ads when setup will be shown on over 15 platforms both a 3rd party platform. That way your product can go viral with just one single ad setup.

Search Engine Optimization

The next thing you can do for your store is to optimize your product title and description for search engines. That way, when google bot crawls your site, it will rank your website faster than that of your competitor.

To optimize your site for ranking, you need to edit the product name, edit URL of your product page, write a unique keyword description for your product, edit categories and subcategories, provide keywords alt tag for your images and others.


Sellika is another plugin that can easily generate attractive descriptions for all items in your store thereby saving you about 330 working hours.

Sellika uses vision algorithms to recognize and describe your product using the relevant keywords. The improved description generates traffic and sales.

With Sellika, google fast optimizing and ranking of your site becomes easy.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is another strategy to acquire leads who eventually turn to paying customers.

With email marketing, you can gather customers data such as names, location, gender, interest etc., that way you can nurture your leads by showing them promotion on interest based product through them email.

If you are using facebook lead generation, facebook automatically gather visitors detail that way, visitors will not need to input their details except they want to make changes to some of their details.

There are different type of email marketing targeted at your new customer, customers who abandoned cart and those who already purchase products from you.

You can use email marketing to introduce new products to new customer while offering discount and promo. When a customer visit your site and added some product to the cart without checking out, you can create an email specifically for recovery of abandoned cart.

For a dropshipping business in Nigeria, you can also create a loyalty program with exclusive discounts for customers who have already purchase from you and setup a referral program for them.

Make Money from your Dropshipping Business in Nigeria

After you have set up your site and everything is in order, the next thing to do is to promote your site on social media, email, ads etc.

When a visitor places an order, you take your profit and automatically send the order to the supplier (make sure you let the supplier know that you are dropshipping, that way, they will not include any promotional material).

Your supplier ships the product to your buyers, when buyer receives their product, they will write a positive review on your site and you relax and make your money

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