How to Make Money as a Social Media Evaluator

How I make money as a Social Media Evaluator. (proof of payment)

When you are searching for how to make money online, you get to see blogs or news feeds advising you to get a skill and monetize your skills.

While it is necessary to acquire a skill, not all online business requires skills. Some do while some may require knowledge of social media and research.

In this article, I am going to show you how I make money as a social media evaluator. This is a job that doesn’t require much skill but knowledge of social media, research skills, and a Facebook account.

Before I go into details about social media evaluator, I will first of all give an overview of what Social Media Evaluation is all about.

  • Who is a Social Media Evaluator?
  • What is their Job Description?
  • Job Requirements
  • How many hours does Social Media Evaluator work?
  • How much do they earn?
  • Companies offering Social Media Evaluator job
  • Proof from working as a Social Media Evaluator
  • How do I apply?

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Who is Social Media Evaluator?

A Social Media Evaluator is a rater who gives feedback on news sources, ads and search query results for social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

What is their Job description?

As a Social Media Evaluator, your job includes:

  1. Rate the quality and relevance of ads
  2. They evaluate claims that are stated in a piece of content such as images and videos
  3. Answer questions regarding the intent behind search queries on social media platforms
  4. Evaluate if events are genuine and true

What are the Job requirements?

Before you are allowed to make money as a Social Media Evaluator, it is mandatory that you meet the necessary job requirement which is not difficult to get. As a matter of fact, almost everyone can meet the requirement and they are:

  • Access to a computer with a sound card and speakers and to a smartphone that is less than three years old
  • Access to a secure high-speed internet connection
  • Active Facebook account
  • Fluency in written English
  • Attention to details and commitment to quality

How many hours does Social Media Evaluator work?

As a Social Media Evaluator, you are required to work for 20 hours per week which is 4 hours per day because you will be paid per hour once you have started working on a project.

The project duration varies, there are projects that can last for up to a year, 6 months, or 4 months depending on the need of their clients. The one I handled lasted for 4 months.

How much does Social Media Evaluator earn?

Since you work 20 hours per work and 4 hours per day, your earning usually will be around $3 –$8 per hour. You have to track the hours you spend working on any given project and invoice Appen for your time. Appen pays you once your project has been approved.

Companies offering Social Media Evaluation Job

The two companies that are known for Offering Social Media Evaluation Jobs and they are Appen and Lionbridge.

Proof for working as Social Media Evaluator

I made money as a Social Media Evaluator from January to April 2019 and I had made over $1,000. Here is proof of payment in my Payoneer account.

make money as a social media evaluator

How do I register?

Visit Appen Connect and click apply

Select the country you live in, this will redirect you to another page where you will select your primary language and your dialect.

You will be asked to check a box if you are a translator or have experience in language translation.

Next, you will choose a contract type, either you intend to contract directly with Appen as an independent contractor or contract through your business which must be registered.

Next, you will fill in your biodata which includes submitting your resume and includes how long you have lived in the said country.

Fill in your educational level and linguistic qualification, prior experience, and select where you get your referral from.

Make sure you tick the data privacy disclosure and click to submit your application.

Appen will create an account for you.

A lot has changed since I worked with them some there might be other things you may have to do regarding your registration and undergoing a qualification test.

However, I will note down my process of qualifying as a Social Media Evaluator.

Once it is successfully, Appen will send you a qualification test you must take and pass a minimum of 70%, anything below it is not allowed.

Once you have passed the qualification test, it means you are an eligible participant in the survey or other task which you will find in your account.

Appen will then advise you to open a Payoneer or Paypal account to receive payment.

I will advise you to open a Payoneer account if you are in Nigeria because you cannot operate PayPal in Nigeria

However, if there is no task in your account, it means there are no jobs available in your location so do not worry, once jobs are available, you will get a notification on your email and you will be required to take up the job immediately if you are qualified.

Once you have successfully completed a project, you can send an invoice to Appen who will, first of all, approve your project before paying into your Payoneer account.

They have a particular day of payment which will be made known to you.

So are you ready to make money as a Social Media Evaluator? Head over to their page and register.

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      Since you have signed up, you will be patient and very soon you will be receiving notification for a new task.
      Ensure that you take up the task as fast as possible because most of the task is on a first come first serve basis. Best of luck

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    Hey man, I did fail the phone verification part. What can I do to pass this stage as I have already filled in my personal details and other requirements.

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