How to increase your website traffic using the Semrush tool (Semrush Review)

When it comes to getting organic traffics to your website, vast knowledge of search engine optimization is key to increasing website traffic.

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2 Here is how to increase your website traffic using the Semrush tool
2.1 Features in Semrush

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a digital marketing strategy that helps your website rank higher on search engines such as google, bing, etc.

Although SEO is difficult to understand, tools like Semrush can help you manage your SEO strategy even without technical knowledge.

In this post, we will be looking at Semrush tool and how you can use it to up your website and social media SEO strategy.

What is Semrush

Semrush is an all-in-one online tool that helps businesses optimize their online presence for better ranking, pay-per-click campaigns, social media management, content marketing, and market research.

With Semrush, you will have access to the world’s largest database of 20 billion keywords, 310 million ads and 17 billion URLs crawled per day.

The beautiful thing about Semrush is that it does not only give you access to the database but helps you in analyzing the data and gives instant recommendations that can improve your online presence as fast as possible.

Here is how to increase your website traffic using the Semrush tool

Features in Semrush

Semrush has 40+ tools that can help you better manage your digital presence plus access to report to analyze your performance. Find below the tools from semrush

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tools

Keyword Research Tool

With the keyword research tool, you get;

Keyword Overview:
keyword overview

The keyword overview helps you discover the value of organic and advertising keywords based on the search volume, keyword difficulty, number of results, CPC, SERP Features, competition level, variation, and more

Organic Research
organic research

This tool analyzes a list of your competitor’s keyword rankings and pages, it will also optimize organic keywords and help you find ways to win in SERP

Keyword Magic Tool
keyword magic tool

With a database of over 20 billion keywords, it can research and generate thousands of seed keywords with just a few clicks

Keyword Gap
keyword gap chart

Discovery keywords gap as an opportunity to effect efficient SEO strategy

Keyword Manager
keyword manager

Opportunity to analyze 1,000 keywords metrics at the same time in other to create a master list that is in tune with your SEO strategy and goals

Organic Traffic Insight
organic traffic

With Semrush integration with Google Analytics, you can discover keywords and cross-reference dates on the organic performance of your website

On-Page SEO Tools

The on-page SEO tools are used to audit your site pages and recommend ideas to improve the SEO performance. The tool gives you the following;

Site Audit
site audit

The high-speed crawler process site pages within minutes and recommend solutions to fix site issues.

On-Page SEO Checker
on page checker

Opportunity to get a list of ideas that can help improve website page ranks including tips on link building, content development, an opportunity for SERP features, and more

Log File Analyzer
log file analzyer

Understand how Google crawler crawls your site by analyzing access logs. That way, you can manage structural and navigational issues and discover ideas for managing the bot activity, and optimize the crawl budget

Local SEO Tool

Your business data can be automatically distributed to different directories. You can also monitor reviews from different directories

Position Tracking
position tracking

A better way to track site online performance daily. Monitor keywords and devices, spy on competitors domains and follow your search engine performance on a ZIP code level and local packs

On-Page SEO
on page seo

Opportunity to get a list of ideas that can help improve website page ranks including tips on link building, content development, an opportunity for SERP features, and more

Social Media Tool Kits
social media tool kit

Automate your social media management by posting and scheduling updates for social media platforms including Google My Business from one dashboard

Rank Tracking Tools
Position Tracking
position tracking 2

This tool can help you track keywords, domains, and competitors. Track campaign progress, fix cannibalization and optimize your targeting effort

semrush sensor

This tool tracks Google and Baidu SERP volatility based on changes in ranking. Monitor updates to Google algorithm and understand which industries are changing more than others

semrush rank

You can research the domain that has the most organic visibility. Find domains with the most paid keywords, paid traffic, and projected paid traffic budget

Link Building
Backlink Analytics
backlink analytics

You can find and track backlinks through the biggest backlink database on the market. Research competitors and discover link building opportunities to improve SEO

Backlink Audit Tool
backlink audit tool

This tool will help you constantly monitor backlink profile, make sure it’s healthy, avoid google penalties and ensure quality

Backlink Gap

Monitor and analyze 5 competing backlinks and get recommended insights on building links and outreach

Bulk Backlink Analysis

Analyze competitors and scale-up linking building prospect

Link Building Tool
link building

Run and automate consistent outreach campaigns to acquire more backlinks.

Competitors SEO Analysis

This tool will help you discover your competitor’s keywords and content strategy

Organic Research
organic research

Spy your competitor’s domain to see insights, insights on competitors organic search ranking and position changes

Keyword Gap
keywords gap

You can compare five competitors at once and find the gaps in their keyword strategies that you can leverage to improve your ranking.

Backlink Analytics

You can see all your competitors backlink, their top referring domains, find a specific site using a filter, and see the recently acquired or lost backlinks, that way you get new backlink opportunities

Backlink Gap

You can find sites that link to your competitors but not you by comparing up to five competitors’ backlinks. Better ways of finding relevant link building opportunities

semrush report

You can build PDF reports quickly using drag and drop widgets and other formatting features. The intelligence on your competitors can be put together in a PDF and share with teams or clients


Content Marketing
Topic Research
topic research tool

With this tool, you can find content ideas that can be used to create engaging content that resonate with your site visitors. You can also find trending topics, headlines, and questions people usually ask on the google search engine. That way you can create content around it.

Marketing Calendar
marketing calendar

This marketing calendar is used to manage content strategies, set up editorial calendars, and engage with your team. This will keep you on track with all your content marketing activities, from the campaign set up to each of your teams’ tasks.

SEO Content Template
seo content template

This tool will help you generate a customized SEO-friendly content with just a click with the goal to drive organic traffic to your site. You can also get recommendations from the research of your top 10 rivals using targeted keywords on google.

SEO Writing Assistant
seo writing assistant

SEO writing assistant will help you audit your content and check for originality, improve your readability, and help adjust the tone of voice to meet writers’ intent. Get actionable tips using your Google Docs or use a WordPress account on the go.

Brand Monitoring
brand monitoring

Here is an opportunity to track your brand reputation and mention online and that of your competitor. This will help you get access to relevant platforms for content distribution, spot industry influencers, and evaluate potential reach.

Post Tracking
post tracking

You can measure and track your external publications, measure the performance and that of your competitors. Track social engagement, backlink count, traffic referral coming to your site, and daily keyword rankings of your content.

Content Audit
content audit

Examine your contents repository to reveal your top articles and spot the ones that require an update. Semrush together with Google Analytics and Search Console will give you real-time metrics when you audit your content with the tool.

Content Creation and Distribution
Topic Research

Get access to hundreds of content ideas with just a few clicks based on any topic and within your location. Discover your competitor’s top headlines and the question your audience are asking to create quality content for your target audience.

Content Marketplace
content marketplace

Are you looking for a content writer, just ask and get keyword-optimized blog posts from professional writers. In the content marketplace, you will find qualified copywriters for your particular content needs.

Social Media Poster

You can share your content on all your social media platforms, ability to schedule posts, and evaluate their performance. Insert emojis, gifs, and other visuals to make the social content much more engaging for your targeted audience.

Content Optimization
SEO Content Template

Get a brief with recommendations on creating high-ranking content. These tips will be based on your targeted keywords and that of your top 10 competitors that are ranking for the same keywords, this will give you the opportunity to apply their best practices.

SEO Writing Assistant

The semrush gives you an addon for Google Docs or WordPress accounts to help ensure your text is unique, error-free, and optimized for better ranking. Improve your copy’s readability and adjust the tone of voice according to your content strategy.

Content Marketing Analytics
Content Audit

Audit your content repository and break them down automatically into sets for further improvement. Discover pieces that need an update, rewritten, or deleted using Google Analytics, Search Console, and Semrush data.

Post Tracking

Measure the performance of your external post or that of your competitors’ articles. Track the social engagement, referral traffic coming to your website, backlink count, and daily keyword rankings of your content.

Market Research

Competitor Analysis
Traffic Analytics

Gauge your website traffic metrics against that of your competitors to measure your marketing success and re-strategize after a decline.

Organic Research

Research your organic search competitors and discover opportunities to win against them. Understand the exact value of keywords they are ranking for and discover gaps in their strategy.

Advertising Research
advertising research

Highlight your opportunities over that of your competition in paid search. Focus on the knowledge of the advertising landscape and also the detailed analysis of competitors’ ads using Semrush.

Brand Monitoring

You can now track your reputation online and that of your rival. The online competitor’s analysis tool will help you manage your online reputation.

Social Media Tracker
social media tracker

Prioritize your audience preferences and discover new ways of increasing engagement while keeping tap on your competitor’s social media channel with the digital analysis. engagement.

Market Analysis
Market Explorer
market explorer

The Semrush Growth Quadrant will establish the positions on the market. You can discover the market size and potential, the key players, traffic generation strategies, and their online market share using this tool.

Traffic Analytics

An opportunity to conduct an analysis of game changers’ online performance and trends. research your target market demand, interests, geo-distribution, and their traffic journey to improve your communication and media strategies.

Keyword Magic Tool

Access the largest database of keywords on the market. Unravel billions of related search terms and phrases, spot topics that are niched, and find frequently asked question keywords to build the perfect keyword list for the PPC campaign.

Advertising Research

Research and Analyze your competitors’ ad strategies. Discover keywords that they are bidding on. View their ad copy examples from the leaders in the industry and find months of the year the ads were run. Also, find new advertisers in Google Ads.

Display Advertising
display advertising

Examine your competitors’ GDN strategies. Examine their ad texts and banners. Identify new publishers to pick up high-performing placements for your ads. Find the audiences your competitors are probably targeting.

PLA Advertising

Analyze how other Google Shopping advertisers are performing. What search queries have triggered their PLAs to appear and what is their positioning. Explore and evaluate your competitors’ most successful ads in detail.

Competitor PR Monitoring
Brand Monitoring

Research how your competitors are mentioned in both social and traditional online media mentions. What are the topics that trigger organic sharing among the targeted audience? Research authority backlink providers and influencers to increase your brand reputation.

Post Tracking

The Semrush competitor tracking software can be used to measure the effectiveness of any external publication. Your PR impact will be broaden based on digital monitoring.

Social Media Tracker

Your competitors’ content and user activity on social media will be analyzed to gather insights and innovative ideas for your campaigns.

Advertising Tools

PPC Keyword Research
Keyword Magic Tool

Get access to the largest keyword database on the market with the Keyword Magic Tool. Find niche topics, spot related long-tail keywords, and build a great paid keyword list for your PPC campaign.

Keyword Manager

Conduct deep analysis of up to 1,000 keywords at once using the keyword manager tool. Get new metrics, store your findings, and forward your relevant keywords to other Semrush tools.

Keyword Gap

Discover new keywords by examining your competitors. Compare at least five domains side by side. Identify paid keywords you are competing for and compare websites’ rank positions in search results for each term.

PPC Keyword Tool

The PPC Keyword Tool will optimize your PPC campaign. Keywords can organize keywords at the campaign and ad group level, set negatives, local volume, and CPC data (down to city level), and build a keyword list.

Website Monetization
Display Advertising

The Display Advertising reports help you analyze your competitors who are successful from every angle, check ad placements, their audience top interests, the devices their visitors are using, and much more.

On Page SEO Checker

With this tool, you get the recommended action points needed to improve your website. Your analysis of your competition’s top 10 results on google will fetch you the action points/ recommendations.

SEO Writing Assistant

The optimization ideas for your text will be provided by this intuitive tool. You will get recommendations about words to use, readability, tone of voice, and word count.

Social Media Management Tools

Social Media Management
Social Media Poster

This tool can help you schedule posts on all your social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and even Google My Business, and track their performance.

Social Media Ads

This tool can be used to create, launch, manage and optimize digital ads on placements within the Facebook and 3rd party platforms. You can also monitor your low-performing ads and get actionable recommendations on how to improve them.

After all that was written above, you can start with signing up and semrush login to try the free plan. The free plan can get you started with optimizing your website but might not be enough to help you rank better until you subscribe to one of the premium plans

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Semrush Pricing

Semrush has a free plan and also pricing plan has 3 packages to choose from and they are;

Pro Plan Guru PlanBiz Plan
$99.95 – $119.95 annually/ monthly$191.62 – $229.95 annually/monthly$374.94 -$449.94 annually/ monthly

The great thing about Semrush is that they have an academy where you can learn how to use the tools listed above to make your website rank well on google.

If you think that this is the time for your website to get more visibility, you can try the Semrush tool right now

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