How to get products for free from Aliexpress

Here is how to get products for free from Aliexpress

Believe it or not, there are sites that offer products for free to their users.

This is because the suppliers are always looking for people to test or promote their products to a larger audience. That way when you promote their product, they get more sales

One of the best sites that give products for free to their user is Aliexpress

What is AliExpress all about?

AliExpress is a cheap online e-commerce marketplace that offers free shipping to almost all products and delivers in all parts of the world.

Based in China, it was founded by Alibaba Group in 2010 and has become the most visited e-commerce store in Russia and the 10th most popular website in Brazil and other parts of the world according to Wikipedia.

With more than 100 million products available for sale on AliExpress, it has over 150 million buyers as of December 2020 and 523 million visitors as of January 2021. No wonder, it’s the popular destination for dropshippers

According to Statista, AliExpress’s single-day sales volume was worth $74.1 billion.

Why give out free products

AliExpress suppliers give out products for free to their users to try out the product and give honest reviews that can help them sell even more.

How to get started

Before you can get free products from AliExpress, you must first download AliExpress mobile app and must have been shopping with AliExpress.

After you have downloaded the app, create an account through the app but if you have been using the desktop version, just sign in with your account username and password.

Ensure that you add your shipping address and if not, click the account section on the right side below the app and you will find the setting in form of gear at the top right corner of the account, open it and add your shipping address.

Once you are in the homepage, you will see freebies at the top of the app.

Click it and it will direct you to all the products AliExpress is giving out for free. You can browse through the categories such as today’s new arrival, all, mother and kids, watches and jewelry, electronics, home sports clothing and accessories, auto, bag and shoes, beauty.

aliexpress free product 2

Applying for a freebie

Browse through the collections and click the product you want to receive for free. On the product page, you will see the original product price, the available quantity, and the number of AliExpress users who have applied for the same products.

aliexpress free product

You will also see how long the product will last on display before the winner is chosen. Yeah, a lot of people are applying for the same product therefore it a try your luck process.

You can only select 2 products per day

The next thing to do is to click “Apply for free”, then wait for the result and when you win, you will be required to write a detailed review about the products.

Reviews are another chance of winning new products from AliExpress.

Note that when you apply for the free product, the product store will be added to your favorite automatically.

The announcement of the winner

Usually, it will take a period of 3 to 4 days to announce the winner although it is also dependent on the number of available freebies and the applicant’s contribution such as previous product reviews.

What happen when you win

If you win the freebie, you will be asked to pay $0.01 to enable them to confirm the order. After that, the order will be placed for you through the shipping address you provided.

What if you did not win a freebie

If you didn’t win, do not be discouraged. Continue applying for a free product but most importantly, make sure you buy the product from AliExpress through the mobile app and leave a detailed review. This will increase your chances of getting a free product.

Shipment and delivery

After the $0.01 has been paid, the seller will ship the free product to the address you have in your account. Make sure to always update your address in case you change location.

After receiving the freebie

When you have received your freebie, you will go to the freebie page on the app and confirm that you have received your products.

You will be asked to write a review of the product. Note that in writing the review, you need to be as specific as possible because that will increase your chance of winning and also will help other buyers search and find great products and suppliers on AliExpress.

What if the product comes in different sizes, colors etc., what can be done?

If the product has different variations, the winner can contact the seller to confirm the product specification before the change in the order status. If the winner did not contact the seller before the status change, the seller will send a random specification of the product.

Do You need to pay for delivery?

Usually, the seller bears the cost of delivery of freebies for the majority of applicants’ country, however, there is a list of special categories cost. For instance, bike category can only be shipped to the applicant from the united states and Russia

Computer category can only be shipped for free to applicants from Australia, Belarus, France, Germany, Indonesia, Israel, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, New Zealand, Poland, Russia, South Korea, Spain, Thailand, Ukraine, UK, USA.

On the freebie page, you will find “freebie reviews”. There you will find reviews given by other people who have received free products from AliExpress and you can see some of the products that you can get for free if you win. This can also help you structure your review.

In “my freebie tap”. You will see all the freebie products you applied for and if you have won any, it will be listed there.

You will also see the freebies you applied for but did not win and also the reviews you added.

In conclusion

AliExpress has proven to be one of the best e-commerce marketplaces that offer free shipping and have been able to deliver in every part of the world. Therefore because of the increase in their user base, they have designs royalty programs like this and others to give back to their royal users and at the same time get great product reviews.

If you want to get free products from AliExpress, start shopping now

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