How to fix HIOS Launcher not responding on your phone

Here is how you can fix HIOS Launcher not responding issue on your phone.

Do not run to any Android office and pay money when your phone stops responding and shows “HIOS Launcher not responding” on your phone. Here is how you can fix it yourself.

Imagine working from home with your phone for a client or for yourself and all of a sudden, your phone crashed or seize responding and then a notification comes up that says “HIOS launcher not responding”. This happened to me when I was about doing a job for a client.

Yesterday, I was working on a job with my phone when I experienced “HIOS not responding”. Though I have been seeing that for a while, however, I can still use the android phone as usual.

But yesterday, was the height of it as the phone suddenly crashed and seized responding, in fact it will take more than 10 minutes before any respond or action can be done.

At first, I thought it was because the storage was full so I deleted all the videos, images, and some apps on the phone but the issue persisted.

Next, I felt it was due to overwork so I shut the phone down and left it like that all night through the next day hoping that everything will come back to normal but it was even worst.

I got frustrated because I have about 3 jobs to do for a client with my phone that morning, one of which is promoting their product on social media so I had to fix the phone as soon as possible.

Moreover, going to a repair shop will take a lot of my time and money plus there is no guarantee that I will get back my phone that same day because usually, every android repair shop always has a long queue. So, I had to figure out a way to fix the phone myself.

Before explaining how I was able to fix the phone, it will be better to understand why issues like this occur.

Why Not Loading Issues

One of the biggest issues with the android phone is the lack of memory management that was supposed to permit several apps to run simultaneously without interference, another one is the lack of clean exist/shutdown requirement for apps.

When an app is closed by a recently opened app, it will cache data from the last run which sometimes these data might be corrupt or have bugs.

Android is not so great at multitasking especially if you are using the lower versions. It is best to close all apps from the developer option and move it to the background, clear all data, and restart the phone at least once a day.

HIOS Launcher is the only app that runs all the time and because of that, the launcher can be affected by other apps trying to overwriting its data or something by the shortage of memory caused by apps that didn’t release the memory used.

So, wherever you want to use the phone or open an app, you get “HIOS launcher not responding” which most of the time, stop your phone from working.

How to fix HIOS Launcher not responding

Here is how you can fix it even if you are not a techy person, that way, you don’t have to spend your money going to an android office to fix this simple issue.

Go to the setting on your phone and locate apps. Click the apps and find “HIOS Launcher” or any Launcher depending on the kind of phone you are using.

Click the HIOS Launcher, when it is open, you will locate and click “storage”

hios launcher 1

Under storage, you will find app size, user data, cache, and total. You will see clear data and clear cache at the top.

hios launcher 2

Click clear cache to clear all the left-over residue in your phone and restart the phone

When that is done, your phone will come back to normal.

If it didn’t work, try downloading another launcher from google play store and follow the same process.

Another way could be resetting your phone to a factory setting which means you are likely to lose all your data such as images, video, documents, apps, etc.

Therefore, it is recommended that you back up your data before performing any factory reset.

Give this a trial and drop in the comment section if this instruction fixed your phone

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