How to get a Canadian Study Permit Faster

Do you dream of coming to Canada, do you want to get a Canadian study permit faster and do you want to know the right time to start applying for your study permit?

Should you apply for a Canada permit for 2022 now or later?

According to, the processing time for a student permit depends on the application type, the temporary residence application, and the country.

For instance, for Nigerians whose selected application type is visiting, studying, or working and their temporary residence application is a study permit (from outside Canada), the official processing time is 35 weeks (the last time I checked).

study permit processing

However, according to an immigration expert Noel Abingwa, this is usually not the case always as there are people in Nigeria whose visa processing time was within a month or even more than the 35 weeks stated on their website.

Most delays are usually due to not having all the required documentation ready, the type of application submitted, the number of applications they are already working on at that time, how easily they can verify your information, how long it takes you to respond to any request or concern and other factors.

So, if you are applying and want to get a Canadian Study Permit faster, applying for the study permit should be your top priority, and make sure that all the required documents are readily available for them to process your permits in time.

How to Immigrate to Canada through Express Entry

IRCC advised that you can start your application for permit 2 months before the institution you are applying for resume but according to an immigration expert, due to unforeseen delays, that may occur, it is best you start your permit processing as early as possible that is after you may have received your acceptance letter from your school.

He advises that if you when to get a Canadian study permit faster for fall 2021, for instance, you can start your application as early as fall 2021 that means giving immigration enough time to process your study permit.

This way, if the processing time is taking forever, you already have enough time to wait for your study permit approval, that way you won’t miss your institution resumption date.

Nonetheless, if your school resumes before the study permit is processed, you can always defer your admission and join the next section. By then, your study permit would have been ready.

How to apply for and get a Canadian study permit faster.

Before you apply for your study permit, you should have received your acceptance letter from the institution you want to study.

You already have a valid passport or travel document and also proof that you can support yourself and your family (if you are taking them too). You might also need a letter of intent as well.

Next, is to visit the Canada study permit application site and answer a few questions like “where you are applying from” and “how you want to apply”.

If you are selecting online as your mode of application, it is required that you have a scanned/electronic copy of your documents and a valid credit or debit card available before applying.

Next, you will read the following guide to get more information on how to apply for a study permit.

Those from China, India, Morocco, Pakistan, the Philippines, Senegal, or Vietnam can get their study permit faster when they apply through the Student Direct Stream.

In this guide, you will find;

  1. How to gather your documents
  2. How to complete the application
  3. How to pay the fees
  4. Submit the application
  5. Photograph specifications for Temp resident visa application
  6. And others.

While applying, you must indicate that you are applying for more than 6 months to enable you to get the exact application forms according to ICCR.

Towards the end of your application, you will be required to pay for the processing fees and the biometrics, if biometrics is required from you. You must check if you need to give biometrics.

There are other third-party fees that you may be required to pay for, they are medical exams, police certificates, language testing, services at the visa application center. Though payments are made directly to the third-party accounts.

In other to submit all the documents and get a Canadian study permit faster, you need to create an account on the IRCC site where you can pay your fees, submit your application, and check your application status.

This post is intended to help people interested in studying in Canada and those who want to get a Canadian study permit faster to understand the requirements of getting a study permit and how to go about it.

For more information, visit ICCR website

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