8 Things to do after launching a website.

How to Manage your Website without any technical knowledge.

I have been designing websites for clients for over 4 years + and even though the website meets clients’ expectations, there are certain issues they raise concerning having a website.

These concerns are common among my clients and I am also certain that almost every business owner who is not techy is raising concerns about this too.

My client’s domain and the hosting plan were about to expire recently, so I sent him an email to remind him about his website which will be expiring soon.

He said and I quote;

I had this website for over a year and nobody has visited my website or purchase my product. What is the point renewing it again.


I believe that other people who don’t understand how the internet, especially how the search engine works will probably ask the same question or raise the same concern.

Here 8 Things To Do After Launching a Website

After you have launched your website and it is fully open to the public, it is not a guarantee that people will start flooding your website and purchase your product immediately.

Truth is, it is even more difficult to get traffic to your website these days than it was 5 years ago because of the billions of content online fighting for the same audience.

It is required that you have to do more work to get website visitors to your site. Becoming successful in getting traffic to a website is technical and will always require the service of an SEO Specialist, Social Media Marketer, Digital Ads Specialist, and others.

What happens to a small business owner who is non-techy and cannot afford the service of a specialist right now? Or a small business owner who wants to learn how to manage a website by themselves.

In this post, I will be showing you how to easily manage your website even if you are a non-tech. I will also recommend the best tool that can help you manage your website well.

In other to get traffic to your website, you will need to rely on the following online tools below. Some of these tools have a free version you can sign up and try. But if you want to grow your website traffic fast, consider the premium/paid version.

Tools to grow website Traffic

  1. Social Media Platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin, etc,)
  2. Rank Math
  3. Search Console
  4. Google Analytics
  5. Keyword Research tool
  6. Semrush
  7. Email Marketing
  8. Landing page

Let’s get to the details on how the list above can help get traffic to your website.

Social Media Platform

Although people tend to rely on social media to sell their products and service. While that is true and is couraged, it is risky. The initial goal of social media is to send traffic from your social media platforms to your website.

Social media is a rented space which means that it can disappear tomorrow without any notice. For instance, the Nigerian government put a ban on Twitter, what happens to people who rely on Twitter to make money?

Except they have a website and have built an email list, they would have lost access to their numerous customers

This is why you need a website because your website is your property and the goal of social media is to use it to send traffic to your website.

While you are selling on social media, do not forget to ask your social media fans to visit your website and subscribe to your email list.

Each social media platform is uniquely designed to fit the audience found or visiting the platform. A post design for an Instagram account may not be ideal for a Pinterest account.

Udemy teaches you how to create posts for different social media platforms.

You can also use social media to create campaigns, find influence, and refer them back to your website

15 Best Social Media Management Tools Online

Rank Math

Rank Math is an SEO plugin installed on a website to optimize the website and make it ready for Googlebot indexing and crawling.

Rank Math is the tool that can instruct the google crawler to crawl and rank your website. When the plugin is installed on your WordPress website, it has an easy-to-follow step-by-step installation and configuration wizard that can set up the SEO properly on your site.

onlineprofitt rankmath

Here are some of the features found in Rank Math;

  • An easy to follow the setup wizard
  • The user interface is clean and clear
  • An advanced SEO Analytics Module
  • Integration for Google analytics
  • Rank tracking
  • Position tracking
  • Post ranking keyword
  • Schema generator
  • Importation of schema markup from another website
  • etc.

Rank Math user interfaces highlight information relevant to get your post fully optimized. It dictates how the URL is linked on your page, the right keywords, the keyword density, and the meta tags.

It has SEO Analysis that dictates and fixes issues like image alt tags, favicon, site description, permalink structure, etc, and ranks it accounting to the site health.

onlineprofitt rankmath analyzer

Search Console

Search Console is a free webmaster tool by google that helps to measure your site traffic and performance, fix issues, and help your website rank well on the google search engine.

Sitemaps are submitted through the search console. This tells Googlebot which page should be crawled and which should not be crawled. If there is any issue with your website, the search console will send you a notification and how to fix it.

Although without a search console, Google can crawl your site, a search console makes it easier to monitor, maintain and fix your site visibility on the google search engine.

onlineprofitt search console
This shows the total organic clicks for onlineprofit for a period of 3 month

Here are possible things the search console can do for you;

  • It will help to confirm that Google has found your site and crawled it.
  • Fix any form of indexing issues and request re-index
  • View data on how often your website appears on the google search engine, the keywords that show your site, and how users are clicking the keywords
  • If there are issues like spam or issues with indexing on your website, Google will alert you immediately
  • Troubleshoot any issues in AMP, mobile usability, and other features

Google Analytics

There is a saying that;

You cannot optimized what you dont measure

Peter Drucker

This saying holds when it comes to google analytics.

Google Analytics is another free tool by Google that tracks where your site visitors are coming from, and how well your website has been able to accomplish its goal.

onlineprofitt google analytics
This shows the new site visitors vs returning site visitors for onlineprofitt

If you are interested in knowing ;

  • The number of people that visited your website
  • Where your visitors live
  • Is a mobile-friendly website necessary?
  • Which websites direct traffic to your website
  • What marketing campaign is ideal for your website
  • Which are the most popular pages on your website
  • How your visitors are converting into leads or customers?
  • Where do they come from and before going to your website?
  • Is there are need to improve the website’s speed?
  • What post do site visitors prefer?
  • and others

Google Analytics is the go-to tool that can give you insight and data into all the information that can help you make informed decisions regarding your business.

google analytics 1
The chart above shows onlineprofitt gets more site traffics through referrals

It is necessary because it will help you focus more on platforms, audiences, devices, etc that are bringing in more traffic.

Keyword Research Tools

Keyword tools are online tools that help you find relevant niched keyword ideas and track the search volume to help your content and website rank well on google. You can use the same tool to monitor your competitor’s site to determine which of their keywords are ranking on google and bringing traffic to their website.

When you learn what keywords are bringing traffic to your competitor’s websites, you can create content for that keyword to benefit from the share of traffic.

There are a lot of keyword research tools but the most popular among them are Semrush keyword research tool, Google keyword planner, Moz keyword explorer, etc.

onlineprofitt semrush keywords overview

Semrush tool

Semrush is an all-in-one 40+ tool that can help improve your online visibility, research competitors and discover marketing insight.

Among the tools found in Semrush are; position tracking tool, organic research, on-page SEO checker, site audit tool, topic research, keyword magic tool, etc.

Semrush tool helps you understand which of your blog posts acquires a high search ranking and ways to further optimize it.

Learn more about Semrush 40+ tools

Email Marketing

After you have launched your website, the next necessary thing to do is to set up an email marketing campaign to collect leads from people visiting your site and who have an interest in your business.

Email marketing strategy is used to nurture site visitors/leads until they decide to purchase or use your service. This is a great way to grow a list. You can capture site visitors through the different types of email campaigns such as newsletters, recovery emails, etc.

Sendinblue is an online tool you can use to set up an email marketing service on your website.

Landing Page

A landing page also known as lead capture, squeeze page, etc, is a website with a call to action created to promote a particular product. This kind of page is necessary when you offer a series of services, you can use a landing page to promote one product or service at a time. A landing page is also used to generate leads by giving out freebies in exchange for their email.

There are different websites where web designers sell landing page templates tailored to your need. It saves you time and effort in creating a landing page from scratch and the user experience has been tested and fixed. Sendinblue is one of the best tools to purchase a landing page template and customize it to your taste.

The great thing with Sendinblue is that you can use it for your email marketing and landing page without any technical knowledge.


Small business owners can leverage the above tools to give their website an online presence without technical knowledge.

These tools are enough to help you grow your website and if you want to advance further, you can consider increasing your website using Semrush

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