7 Stay at Home Business for Youth Corps

Find 7 stay at home business for youth corps in Nigeria.

There is this joy that follows the moment when you are done with your studies and the optimism that comes with getting your desired job in a multinational company.

However, the chance of getting that dream job is not visible as you might have already heard from a lot of people.

By the time you leave school, you will realize that the job market is not favorable. There are Ph.D. holders with experience still looking for a job or working in a kind of place.

So where is the hope for the new graduate without experience, because even when you manage to find a job, you will be required to have like 8 years’ experience and must be below 26 years of age.

Most people have realized that there is no hope when they put their trust in the government therefore, they have taken ownership of their life by starting a business as you might have noticed on Instagram.

There are still young graduates (or still in school) or youth corps members who want to start a business but have no idea what kind of business they would venture into.

As a student in school or a young graduate, you have the primary responsibility which is either finishing school with good grades or youth corps activities for a year therefore, you will be looking for a business that can give you that opportunity to take care of other things while running your business.

So, in this post, I will be sharing 7 stay at home business for youth corps and the student still in school

Here are 7 Stay at Home Business for Youth Corps

  1. Start a betting center
  2. Start a throw pillow business
  3. Start a cleaning company
  4. Start a laundry business
  5. Start a babysitting service
  6. Virtual Assistant
  7. Personal shopper

Start a betting center

Sports betting center isn’t something new to people as you will find a lot of betting center all over Nigeria. However, this is the type of business that people glue themselves in.

This business comes with impulse spending because most people who bet always have this feeling that they will definitely win the next round and when they lose, they don’t stop there. They continue with the hope that one day, they will win a jackpot.

Sport betting company is becoming popular in Nigeria and highly profitable especially in areas where you find a lot of students or youth.

According to a recent statistic, sports lovers spend over 1.8 billion nairas on sports betting. This is a huge industry to consider.

Before starting the business, here are things you must put in place

Register your company

It is important that once you have decided to go into the sports betting business and have decided on a name, you have to register the business. Therefore, visit the Corporate Affairs Commission office to register your business.

You can also register the business yourself on the CAC website. There have detailed steps on how to register a company on their website.

Ensure that you also create a business corporate account for your betting company once it has been approved. Then apply for your taxpayers’ ID

Apply for a license

After you have registered your company, secure a business account, and receive your taxpayers’ ID, the next thing is to apply for a license.

Without a license, you are not permitted to run a betting company in Nigeria and if you do, you can go to jail for that.

Therefore, visit the National Lottery Commission of Nigeria and apply for a license so that your company will be listed among those permits by NLC to run a betting company.

This is also helpful for global collaboration

Rent your office space

The next right thing to do is to rent space because before your license permit is issued, you must have a physical address.

Location matters when it comes to the sports betting business. You wouldn’t want to rent a space where the ratio of young people to older people is low.

Therefore, make sure that where you rent a space in an urban or busy location when you find a lot of young people. A place where people can easily access, claim their earning or register a complaint

Create a website

A betting business isn’t complete without a website.

Ensure you have a website where people can visit to learn more about your business and how they can participate.

The website will also serve as a platform where you will be updating information regarding daily winning and other information or update that will be useful to your audience.

Create easy payment and betting platforms

You need to also create a secured payment system where people can easily place a bet. This is really important because the payment system needs to be secured and that’s one way of building trust when your costumers know that the card details are secured.

Promote your business

The last but not the least thing to do is to really promote your business. Use all the mediums available both offline and online to promote your business.

You can advertise on sponsored programs on radio stations, tv stations, digital ads placement, social media platforms, google ads, and others.

Best way to grow your Social Media automatically

If you have enough funding, you can leverage the service of social media influencers to promote and get traffic to your business.

Starting a Throw Pillow Business

If you have an eye for designs and you are creative, you can consider a throw pillow business.

According to Wikipedia, Throw Pillow is a small, decorative soft furnishing item made from a wide range of textiles including cotton, linen, silk, leather microfibre, suede, chenille, and velve.

Throw pillows are a commonly used piece in interior design and come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and decorative elements such as tassels and piped edges.

Throw pillows are used to decorate the house. They are used on the sofas and beds. Most homes purchase throw pillows as it adds more decoration to the house.

You can learn how to make a throw pillow online and design yours with your creativity then use social media platforms especially Instagram and Pinterest to promote your business. You will be astonished at how people are ordering for your throw pillow.

Another good thing is that this business doesn’t require much capital or a big space. You can run it from the comfort of your home.

All you need to do is get some fabrics and feathers (if you will be using it), a sewing machine and you are good to go.

If you do not have the time to make it yourself, you can hire a tailor to custom make them for you while you focus on marketing.

Start a Cleaning Company

A cleaning company is a business that when done well, you can profit a lot from it. This is one of the best 7 stay at home business for youth corps.

I am not talking about local cleaning here. What I mean is setting up an industrial cleaning business where you brand your company and have a uniform for your business

You don’t have to compete with big cleaning companies as you are starting, you can focus on domestic cleaning so that you can easily get more clients and create portfolios to market to big companies.

All you need to do is to register your company, build a website where you can share information about your cleaning business and ways clients can reach you.

Use your social media platforms to promote your cleaning jobs and how satisfactory your clients are, that way you will get more people interested in your business

Another way is to start marketing, is to market to your community or church to get people who will willy try your service without judgment.

They are the same people who will likely get you referrals and before you know it, you will be employing more staff.

Start a laundry business

A laundry business is another profitable business to run from home. Though it is capital intensive however, as a student there are better ways to run a laundry business without spending a dime.

You can approach a good laundry company and discuss with them that you will be helping them in getting clients and they will have to pay you a certain commission for the clients you get them.

Once an agreement has been reached, go out and find clients both individuals and organizations that are too busy to do their laundry.

Liaise with them and tell them you can help in picking up, washing, ironing, and returning the laundry for a commission. If they agree, you are already in business.

This way, you will be making money from the laundry company and the clients. All you need is to create a social media platform promoting your business and website (optional).

Start a babysitting service

Another business to consider is a babysitting service.

Although people are skeptical about leaving their children with a total stranger, however, if you have built your reputation based on referral and others, in no time, you will be getting jobs.

People are really busy and in other to make money for the family, they have to work which means they definitely will be needing someone to babysit their kids at home.

Most people use their family members though but even then, the family member is not always reliable as they have their own lives to live as well.

The best bet for them is to hire a babysitting agency. To succeed in this business, you need to build it as a real business and not just like a helper.

Either you create a space where a parent can bring their kids (recommended) while you look after them or you babysit in your client’s home.

Regardless of which style you chose, make sure you brand the business by registering your business name, creating a website, creating a social media account, hiring staff (if needed), etc.

Virtual Assistant Services

A virtual assistant is a work at home business where you offer administrative service to clients from the comfort of your home.

This is more like a job a secretary does in the office but in this case, you will be running it remotely from home.

Tasks that a virtual assistant will likely handle include but not limited to making phone calls on behalf of clients, scheduling appointments, making travel arrangement, managing clients email account, social media management, etc.

To start a business as a Virtual Assistant, you need to have basic knowledge of administrative skills (you can learn them), then create a simple business website with social media platforms.

Create an office space at home and get all the necessary tools you need to work from home.

List all the services you can offer and start marketing to people you know around you. The best way to gain clients is to offer a pro bono service probably for one month and if they are satisfied with what you did for them, they are likely to hire you.

Personal Shopper Services

Personal shoppers are people who get paid to run errands and shop for clients who are too busy to do that by themselves.

As a personal shopper, you can run errands such as groceries, clothing and accessories, and others. This type of business requires someone who is detailed oriented and has good negotiation skills.

You need to know and understand your client’s demand especially when it comes to quality over quantity.

For instance, if you are buying clothing for your clients, you need to have a sense of style and how to combine clothing and accessories.

To start and market this business, you will need a business name, website (optional but necessary), social media platforms, and a business card.

Also start reaching people who you know already and offer a free service once or twice to build trust before they hire you for a paid service.

Running a business is not difficult but requires commitment and dedication, therefore make sure you put in all your best before you can see results. Also give you business time to grow because most people give their business 1 to 3 months and if they are not successful, they shut it down.

Some business requires more time and more twerking to get there.

Which of this business ideas for youth corpers do you like?

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