3 Ways to Make Money with Piggyvest

Piggyvest is a secure online savings platform that helps you grow a saving culture regardless of how much you earn. It combines discipline plus flexibility to make you grow your savings.

Also, a good thing about piggyvest is that it was built in such a way that even a low-income earner can use it to achieve his/her savings goal, especially when saving for a particular goal or purchase such as rental, car purchase, travel, school, emergencies, and even expenses.

With its great features comes interest you earn per annum depending on the kind of saving you intend to use.

Here are 3 ways to make money with piggyvest


Piggyvest has 5 different saving methods and each of them yields different interest per annum


Piggybank is a saving method where you can start saving money from a minimum of N100 to infinity and you set the frequency which should be daily, weekly or monthly with an interest rate of 10% per annum.

Let’s look at a case study

Adeola is a trader who makes daily sales, sometimes she makes N5,000 per day, and other times it would be N2,000, N3,500, N2,500, etc. Unfortunately, Adeola’s husband is not making enough to solve family expenses and this makes Adeola spend money on some household expenses even though she loves to save.

She tries to save with her bank but after 3 months, she had to withdraw the money to pay for her daughter’s treatment and she had to start all over again.

Her friend Mary introduced her to piggyvest and she decided to save N1,000 daily that way she can use the rest of the money for expenses and within a year, she saved N365,000, not only that, she earns a 10% interest on her savings and that makes her money to be N401,500 instead of N365,000

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You can set up an autosave method where a selected amount will be deducted from your bank account automatically to your piggybank without charges. You will decide on the amount you want to autosave and frequency.

Another interesting thing is that piggybank gives you 4 window withdrawal days which you are allowed access to your money on piggybank and if you decide to withdraw on days that are not your window days, it will attract more charges. This is to help you save more and spend less.

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There is also Quick Save, some people who are skeptical about using autosave prefer Quick Save. Quick Save allows you to manually save money on your piggybank as fast as possible

Flex Naira

Flex Naira is a cash account where you keep/save funds for emergencies and you earn 8% interest per annum with it. This type of account will prevent you from touching your money in a piggy bank, anytime you need an emergency fund, you can withdraw from your flex naira account.

It works like a regular bank account with an account number where you can transfer money from any source to your Flex Naira account. You can withdraw anytime and any day.

Flex Naira has “Labels” and it allows you to divide and categorize your money into manageable chunks so you know how much money you have for different emergencies. You can help label for “Medical Emergencies” “Transport Emergencies” “Accommodation emergencies” etc. It helps you understand how much you are saving for each emergency and what emergency you choose to withdraw from.

Adeola story continues:

Adeola has been able to save good amount of money on her piggybank account, and since she usually have extra money on some days, she decided to create an emergency fund account and every time she has extra money, she will put it in her Flex Naira account which yield daily interest at 8% per annum.

Whenever there is an emergency like health related issues, car repair or money to lend out to family or friends, Adeola goes to her Flex Naira account and use it to solve daily issues.

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Safelock allows you to set money aside for a fixed period without having access to it until maturity. It is more like a fixed deposit where you choose the duration of time to lock funds from 10 days to 1000 days and you earn interest up to 13%.

When you lock the fund between 10 – 30 days, you earn 6% interest per annum

When you lock the fund between 31-60 days, you earn 7% interest per annum

When you lock the fund between 61 – 90 days, you earn 9% interest per annum

When you lock the fund between 91 – 365 days, you earn 10% interest per annum

When you lock funds between 1-2 years, you earn 12.5% interest per annum

When you lock a fund for over 2 years, you earn 26% – 36% interest per annum

Adeola was able to save some money in her Flex Naira and because she wanted to make money profit, she created a safe lock of N50,000 for 90 days, the safe lock yielded a 9% interest and at the end of 90 days, she received N54,500.

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A target is a form of saving where you save towards a specific goal or target and earn interest every day into your flex wallet.

You can create personal target savings to save for things like accommodation, travel, car, fees, education or business, etc., you use either private or public saving target where you create a private or public saving challenge for you and your friends.

You can join a savings challenge with others who are already saving towards a goal you are also interested in. That way you will have an accountability partner. Note that no one will have access to your fund but your team will be accountable for how much you decide to save.

The target savings will have information about “Start date” “withdrawal date” “Frequency” “Target amount” “Interest PA” and the number of days left.

You can also view the number of people who joined the target challenge and how much they are saving to encourage you to save in other to achieve your goals

Since Adeola has different savings in her piggyvest that takes care of different expenses and savings, she decided that its time she reward herself. She decided that She wants to buy a car. She joined the Target Challenge where She and a group of people who have similar interest will save daily, that way they keep each other accountable with their goal.

At the end, she was able to save enough to buy herself a car

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Flex Dollar

Flex Dollar helps protect your money from devaluation whereby you save, invest and transfer your money in dollars.

With Flex Dollar, you earn an interest of 7.0% per annum for just keeping your dollars in Flex Dollar, and note that you can decide to withdraw at your convenience.

Other things you can do with Flex Dollar are:

  • Save in dollars and earn interest
  • Transfer dollar to anyone instantly and 100% free
  • You can see how much you have accrued on interest for the month
  • Convert your dollar to naira instantly
  • Pay a dollar to your domiciliary account

Adeola learned about the raise in dollar and decided to protect her money from devaluation so she converted her some of her money in dollars and save it with Flex Dollar which was yielding 7% per annum

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Piggyvest has an investment platform in the app called “Investify

Investify is a piggyvest investment platform where you co-invest in well-vetted and amazing investment opportunities that ranges from N5,000 to infinity.

You can find investments in different categories such as fixed income, real estate, agriculture, transportation, etc, and their 8% to 36% depending on which investment you prefer to invest. In the investment platform, you get access to information about the company you want to invest in, expected returns, investment type, current value, start date, maturity date, payout type, investment cycle, and location.

The above information will help you decides which investment is best for you.

Here are 10 types of businesses you can start with no money

Adeola learned about the investify platform and because the investment are well-vetted, she invested in agriculture so that in 6 month, she will earn an interest of 15% from her investment.

At this point, Adeola is not afraid of any emergency that might arise because she knows that she was well prepared for whatever comes.

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Refer & Earn

Piggyvest allows you to invite people to use piggyvest to save and in return, you will be rewarded N1,000 for referring people to use piggyvest.

Imagine inviting 100 people to signup with piggyvest using your referral link, you will make N100,000 just by telling people about Piggyvest. Once you get people to register using your link, N1000 will be paid into your safe lock and the great thing is that your referral will also earn N1,000 for just signing up with piggyvest.

Imagine inviting 100 people to signup with piggyvest using your referral link, you will make N100,000 just by telling people about Piggyvest. Once you get people to register using your link, N1000 will be paid into your safe lock and… Click To Tweet

Finally, Adeola realize that she can help her friends who have financial challenge to save mone and make money, she invited 100 of them to signup with piggyvest using her link. In each signup, Adeola makes N1,000 and with 100 friends, Adeola made N100,000 just by only inviting her friends

How will you describe Adeola?

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How great is that?

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